Sponsorship Application

Qantas in the community

Since Qantas was founded in outback Queensland in 1920, our iconic Australian airline has helped the communities in which we operate. From assisting Australians in times of natural disaster, to providing an international platform to showcase the best our country has to offer, we continue to make a significant social and economic contribution.

Championing the best of Australia

We believe in showcasing Australian success on the world stage and, in turn, inspiring the next generation of Australians to do great things. Our sports and arts sponsorships are focused on supporting elite Australian talent and helping our national teams excel in global competitions.

We're also proud to partner with leading Australian and international personalities to showcase Australia and Australians overseas.

Learn more about our sports partnershipsarts partnerships, and Qantas Ambassadors.

Giving back

The Qantas Group has long-standing partnerships with organisations that have a positive impact on the community.

For Qantas, these partners include Make-a-Wish Australia, the National Australia Day Council, the Australian Olympic and Paralympic Committees, Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, the Great Barrier Reef Foundation and UNICEF Australia.

We are also proud to champion reconciliation through our Elevate Reconciliation Action Plan, which is supported by a suite of reconciliation and Indigenous partners.

Learn more about our community partnershipsregional Australia partnerships and reconciliation at Qantas.

People Giving

Qantas acknowledges the many passionate employees who support community organisations outside of Qantas through various programs including: an employee grant giving program, workplace giving; and partnerships including FlyPinkQCCT, and Pathfinders

As one of Australia’s largest and most iconic organisations, Qantas receives a high volume of requests for support from individuals and organisations, both in Australia and all over the world.

Whilst these requests may be admirable and worthy, Qantas has limited capacity and resources to help each person and support every cause.

Qantas has strict criteria against which requests are reviewed. As such, requests may not be considered if they do not align to the listed in the categories below.

Should you proceed with submitting a request please note, Qantas will not support individuals, groups, organisations, events or activities (including but not limited to) which,

  • may damage or bring disrepute to the Qantas Group;
  • are detrimental to the Qantas Brand Values or business aims;
  • are currently being sponsored by a competitor of Qantas;
  • are aligned to Political campaigns and legislative lobbying efforts;
  • serve religious purposes;
  • are directly involved or implicated in the unethical treatment of animals;
  • request direct donations / grants to individuals, groups or teams for personal interests;
  • support fundraising appeals e.g. fetes, trivia nights, auctions, undertaken by individuals, groups, clubs, societies, schools, churches, or community organisations;
  • give donations to Foundations that aim to pass on the funding to other not-for-profit organisations;
  • involve retrospective or deficit funding, e.g. funding of past activities, loan repayments, operational deficits; and
  • involve hazardous, dangerous or unsafe activities or pose a threat of any nature

Submission Guidelines

  • All requests must be submitted via the online application process;
  • No handwritten, faxed or emailed requests will be considered;
  • Supporting material may be included;
  • Requests will be reviewed and processed against Qantas’ selection criteria
  • Within three weeks of receipt, applicants will receive a response to advise the outcome of their request.


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